Might is Right Motivational Video

Might is Right

What if I told you that you have been sold the biggest lie in human history?

The modern era has given us the greatest amount of choices and a most comforting message to go to sleep to. How safe we are as the invisible hand guides us through the dream of a greater life, a higher purpose, and a destiny that we can create.

The nice cars, the cool clothes, the giant houses, and the lavish consumer culture. Everyone will have this… everyone. How we are making amazing progress. How the world is better now. How everyone and everything will be ok.

Well you know what? It won’t.

The world as we see may have changed but make no mistake the human condition has not. Inferior organisms succumb so that the superior organisms may survive propagate and possess. The victor gets the gold and the victor gets the land every time.

It is the natural state of human nature to be perpetually at war with one another. It is this very rivalry that drives the human species to such great heights. For what is the purpose of reaching farther if there is no one at your back trying to take what you have?

We have been castrated and mind fucked into believing that you will get what you want but make no mistake to get what you want you must take it. Life isn’t fair. It will never be fair.

If you’ve been a slave your entire life. How do you recover? You must conquer your conqueror. You must rise from the shadows of despair. You must outwork everyone in your class. You must battle and destroy everyone and everything who is in the way of your ambition.

For brave men fail sometimes but cowards fail always. There is no neutral ground. You either win or you die. For death is for the weakling. Wealth is for the strong. The path to success is a cruel and hard fought road. The natural state of being is that of a warrior and the natural law is of tooth and claw.

Push those who try to trick you. Stomp those who try to stop you. End those who try to cross you. For to taste victory is to seize it. For life is a war and the victor goes the spoils.

Might is Right Ragnar Redbeard

“Might is Right” by Ragnar Redbeard: http://amzn.to/2hT1ZV9

Put in the Time Motivational Video

Put in the Time

What is the one thing you can never get back? The one thing you can never have again? The one thing that everyone takes for granted? Time.

You can always make more money. You can always make more friends. You can always make more resources. But time… time you can never make more of.

What are you going to do with the time that you have? Will you cry, whine, bitch, and complain? Because time doesn’t care that your sad. Time doesn’t care that life hasn’t gone the way you wanted. Time doesn’t care that you’ve given up on yourself. Time doesn’t give a fuck. It’s time to live like every day is your last.

Your destiny is in your hands. To do the things that you want to do. To live a life that you desire. To live out your ambition one thousand percent.

Do not let your final moments on earth be filled with regret because of the time you squandered. To be good it takes times. To be great it takes time. To be the best it takes time.

The clock continues to tick regardless of if you are taking action or not. So why not take the plunge and go all out? There is no time for complaining. There is no time for coping. No time to dwell on the failures of the past. This is your time. Your time to make a stand.

Your time is now. To be the light that people follow. To be a reminder that anything is possible if you put in the time. So use your time wisely.

Between Good and Evil Motivational Video

Between Good and Evil

Our world is the battle between good and evil. The majority of people in this world are sheep. Passive, apathetic, and patient followers. They are the effect of their environment unwilling to stand up and demand change.

Then there are the wolves. Aggressive, intrusive, and threatening. They are the ones who feast on the sheep and continue to grow their power and influence by shaping the fabric of society. They shape the general consensus of what is possible and what is not.

But between these two groups lies an anomaly. The sheep dog. The sheep dog is enlightened to the ways of the wolf. It is their purpose to protect the sheep from being exploited. To be the voice against oppression and the beacon for the sheep. The sheep dog takes a stand to the wolves and says enough is enough.

That is you. You are the sheep dog. You are the torch that lights the way through the darkness. For even smallest flame shines in the darkest of nights. For many do not have the confidence to take action but those same naysayers will turn their tide when they see you fight against the powers that be.

To push back against the narrative that has been spoon fed from the cradle. To rise as a champion of justice that enables others to pursue their dreams. The wolves will fight back. There is never a sheep dog that doesn’t end with a few cuts and bruises.

But for those of you are willing to take on the establishment. To go to the war for the little people. To live a life that inspires others. That burden is on us to show the world that you can accomplish what you desire if you have the drive to battle through the hordes of wolves that will try to dissuade you at every turn.

To many forgotten their courage. To many have forgotten their strength. To many have forgotten about their will to succeed but no more. No more. For the sheep dog will lead the way.

Rise like a Phoenix Motivational Video

Rise like a Phoenix

Have you ever been in such despair you may just die from the pain? Where life had you on the ropes no matter how hard you fought back? A time where even the idea of a future sounded naive. A time where your mind focused on the bad no matter how hard you tried. A time where sad and alone unable to cope with the stresses of life.

There will come a day where you are at your wits end. A day where each breathe may be your last. A day where you will no longer be alive but today… today is NOT THAT DAY. For what do we say to death? NO!

Until comes where you are physically unable. Until the day comes where just waking up is a blessing. Until the day comes where you can’t even wipe your own ass. You will fight. You will battle you will go war.

For your spirit glows with the entire human species.

We are not worms in the ground. Blinded as the raven sinks its claws into our flesh. We are the human species. You are part of that. The same species that created civilization. You have that birthright. To rise like a phoenix. To live a life worthy of your status. To live out the dreams that dance in your head. No one ever said it was going to be easy.

Your future is now. Your time is now. Your time is today. Your life is your life.

Jump into the Fire Motivational Video

Jump into the Fire

Your natural instinct as a human being is to walk the path of least resistance. To take the easy trail rather than climb up the mountain. Ninety-nine percent of people choose the easy route. Which bodes the question. Do you want to be part of the ninety-nine percent or part of the one percent?

It is of the greatest and highest treason to go against the grain of society. To put a big fat middle finger to the system and say fuck you! When you start doing what is hard instead of doing what is easy. That is when you become to thrive.

There is a fundamental distinction between those who are successful and those who are not. The masses are at the whim of their own emotions like a leaf in the wind. Those who are successful do what must be done regardless of how they feel. The masses look up from their rat race and see super humans.

The reality is that the people at the top are just as scared as everyone else but rather then close their eyes and flee. They jump into the fire with their eyes wide open. Success doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings.

The Warrior Inside Motivational Video

The Warrior Inside

Your genes are made of thousands and years of human evolution and suffering. We are blessed to be living in the greatest time in human history. We are no longer clattering in the chains of slavery to appease some great deity. Swords have been replaced with pens. Monarchy has been replaced with democracy. Hunger has been replaced with abundance.

In that same time. Feeling good has been replaced with hard work. Being average is some form of achievement. The freedom to choose has not served its intended purpose.

Have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten what makes us great? The human condition is to produce the most amount of value with the least amount of effort. The human species walks the earth obese, lazy, and comfortable in its lackluster state of homeostasis. Can’t go to the gym? Can’t talk to that cute girl? Can’t pursue that career? For fuck sake do you know how many of your ancestors had to die to get to where you are today?

Your genes breathe with the screams blood, sweat, and tears that your ancestors shed. We are warriors. We are killers. We are champions! Tap into that power and become the change you wish to see in the world.

No more complaining. No more crying. No more bitching. No more being a victim.

Now take your sword and run with it!

Your Life in a Blink of an Eye Motivational Video

Your Life in a Blink of an Eye

Think about this year. Think about how quickly this year has gone. That will be your life in a blink of an eye. You will be gone from this world. You will no longer exist. Before you know it the reaper will have his day. Do not live in despair. Do not get to a time in your life that you are so old that you can no longer pursue that you desire most.

What is the number one thing? The number one thing that every single person on the their deathbed says? What is it? It’s that I wish I had the courage to do what I want to do not what other people expected of me.

So are you going to continue to live your life in this constant state of paranoia? Worrying, wondering, thinking about what other people think about you or are you going to rise above the level of complacency that has been placed on you by society? Will you desire an outcome that you truly want in life?

Because when you come to the full understanding that you are not here forever. That one day we will be dead. We will no longer be walking this earth.

It’s the people in the ground. It’s the dead. They outnumber everyone who is living today. So do not die with your song still in you. Your life will be determined by the actions that you take not by the thoughts that run through your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are your actions!

You have one shot in this life. So will you rise above the tide? Will you lean into your resistance? Will you fight and strive to become the person you know you truly are?

The thing that you know in your heart of hearts that you must do but you continue to put it off. A week, a month, a year, don’t make it be a life. Do not be a statistic. Live the life that you desire. Surround yourself with the mentors that will help you thrive. Enter into the field that truly motivates you.

In the end. When the reaper does come. You will die knowing you did everything you desired and with that smile at your face you will close you eyes and finally begin to rest.

Escape the Matrix Motivational Video

Escape the Matrix

Why is it we have to go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt? In everything… in every aspect of our lives. Why is it we have to be a slave to debt our entire life?

Why is society always constantly pushing? You got to have the best car. You know? You got to have the best house. You know? You better have the best school. You better go to a really really good school. Your not going to be able to get a job or maybe you do go to that school. You work your ass off for four years learning a bunch of shit your not even going to fucking use at the job that you go to.

You sink all that debt into it and you find out you can’t even get a job. What the fuck? What the fuck?! Let me get this straight. You told me to get the nice house. So I got the nice house. I didn’t need the two floor house but I got it.

It’s not about the usefulness of the tool or the product that we are using. No it’s about the brand. It’s about the symbol right?

No no no no. Don’t seek out mentors. No no no no. Don’t go out there. Don’t look. Don’t seek. Don’t think. Don’t ask questions. Just shut the fuck up. Just the fuck up and do as your fucking told. Just shut the fuck up and do as your fucking told.

That’s all society wants from you. That is all they want. They don’t want you to be a big success. They don’t want you to go for your fucking dreams. They don’t want you to THINK! You think the community? You think society? Maybe even your friends and family. You think the want you think outside the box? Do you think they want you to take their money outside the country? FUCK NO!!!

They want you in that thought. They want you in that low vibrational energy. They don’t want you thinking. They don’t want you to open your own business. They don’t want you to be global. They don’t want you to do that. They don’t want you to think.

You don’t need to be a part of that. You don’t have to. You don’t have to listen to everybody else. You can be your own person. You can escape that.

Escape this matrix. Unplug yourself from it and never go back.