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You can not go to war with a noun, an underlying societal belief, and you can not dictate the actions of an individuals own body.

Since the inception of the “War on Drugs” in 1971 has led to the arrests of one and a half million American’s every single year. With 500,000 of them leading to incarceration. One in five black men will be incarcerated for drug possession at some point in their life time.

Let’s take young James for example. James is a young man from Michigan who was pulled over for speeding seven miles per hour over the speed limit. Over the course of the pullover the arresting officer saw marijuana inside the vehicle and the young man was arrested for possessing marijuana with intent to distribute.

James had never been arrested in fact he was a straight A student going to Michigan College studying Biology using money from FAFSA but because of his arrest he may no longer receive tuition assistance. James and his girlfriend Samantha have a small child as well and James is going to school to eventually become a dentist as well as to support his family. A helpful and productive member of society.

That is no longer the case. James is sent to jail for 365 days where he is raped multiple times in prisons, stabbed by other inmates, and he eventually is forced to join a gang inside prison or risk death. He is surrounded by thieves, rapists, and killers. Here he establishes a real dark paradigm on the world and upon his release can no longer find a job because of his conviction. His girlfriend has left him because he is now violent with her where he was never violent before. He has no job prospects because of his conviction and is forced to live on the streets where he must now sell even harder drugs to survive. Eventually James is shot in killed in turf war with a rival gang that sell narcotics.

This is one of many stories. The Mexican Drug Cartels that thrive in Mexico claim the lives of over 50,000 people each year.

Gisela Mota Ocampo was a young Mexican women who aimed to clean up the streets of Temixco, a small city of 100,000 60 miles away from Mexico City. Within one day of being sworn into office she was shot and killed by four men who saw her as a threat to the lucrative drug trade. A women who wanted nothing but to free her country from the violent drug cartels.

Is there a better way? Is there a better way forward than to continue to war on drugs? Yes there is.

End the War on Drugs.

Legalize all drugs and the violence that comes with it disappears overnight. People with addictive drug habits can be treated as patients rather than criminals and get the help they need.

Prison facilities can be replaced with medical facilities overnight. This is a human issue that must no longer be “fought” with guns and steel. Instead it should be “loved” with compassion and care.

Stand for James. Stand for Gisela. Stand for common sense. Stand for logic. Stand for humanity. Stand up and shout: “End the War on Drugs!”

Good Fortune to You my Friend,

Jecht Spencer