The book Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard is extremely dark, depravinous, evil, and Darwinian. Everything about this book just screams total annihilation and hatred. If your white, black, middle eastern, Asian, native american, Hispanic, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or a Buddhist… pretty much anything than this book will piss you the fuck off. It will attack every core tenant of what you believe in and it will cut and slash it down into ribbons. As if it means absolutely nothing.

There are actually of variety of different countries that have banned this book completely outright. You can’t get it on the bookshelves, can’t get it in the library, or even purchase it online.  It really made me wonder why everyone is so adamant about avoiding this book.

Beyond all the hatred, the darkness, the war, the death, and the destruction there is actually a message in here that should be resonated with on a full scale. This is why I actually give this book five stars. It was an absolutely amazing read that was extremely eye opening. It highlighted the fact that we have been fed this BIG LIE.

Ultimately Might is the reason why countries are created. Force is the reason why some armies win and some armies lose. Even though we have evolved as a species with rapid improvements in automobiles, the information super highway, satellites, computers, and technology. The reality is that the human mind itself has not evolved as quickly as the technology has. So even though on a logical level we may understand that we are living in a time of civilization, knowledge, and enlightenment. Unfortunately our subconscious mind is still built for the Savannah. Our minds are still built as if living in Africa running from some predatory animal.

What I mean is The Law of the Jungle. The Mighty survive and the weak fall. The victor gets the land and the victor gets the gold every single time. There has never been a war fought, a battle won, or a movement grown where the loser ever won.

“Blessed are the strong for they shall possess the earth. Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. Blessed are the powerful for they shall be revered among men. Cursed are the feeble for they shall be blotted out.” –Ragnar Redbeard

This is the truth. We can cover up and say nice words about how everyone can accomplish their dreams. We can cover up how everyone is going to be ok, how the world is just great and dandy, and how everyone is so loving and awesome. The fact is that some people dominate and get ahead by accumulating massive amounts of wealth and the spoils of war. Than there are others who either die or if they survive they are subjugated and enslaved by the people at the top.

In a way we have all become slaves. The people at the top have realized that by means of civilization they are able to use people as cattle to increase their power worldwide.

Ragnar Redbeard examines how the word “equality” is spouted ad nauseum. The truth is there will never be equality. The world is not fair. It is not a fair place. It will never be a fair place. People want to get what they want regardless of how much social conditioning is generated. The core tenant of the human experience is to live, survive, propagate, and posses.

Civilization is beginning to believe that weakness is strength. That is not true. Strength equals strength forever and always. The natural of men is to be a warrior. The natural state of men is to be at war. The natural state of men is to be conquering, living, and thriving. Men are not meant to be held down. Not meant to be lied about how weakness is strength or submission is life. It is about rising above the level of social nostalgia and see the fact that: If you want something you must take it.

No one is going to give it to you. Life is about finding what you want and taking it. You don’t ask permission. You don’t wait for to be ok. You just take it.

There are two levels of the masculine:

  1. The Predatory Man (Normal): Who loves, who feasts, who fights, and who hunts.
  2. The Modern Man (Abnormal): He toils for a master (a job working for someone else), he thinks to much (paralysis by analysis), he half starves (being half a man.)

The normal man is the perfect animal. The abnormal man is the perfect monster.

The new versions of religion are based in submission, piety, or believing weakness is strength. The old gods from civilizations like the Greeks, Vikings, Goths, and Romans were based in strength. These extreme Gods like Zeus, Odin, and Thor were masculine warriors with fertile women and glorious stories of conquer and the spoils of war. The religions of today no longer hold this masculine virtue, the willingness to take risks, or take what you want. The new religions hold that you submit to others rather than yourself. These religions seek to control who you really are.

The elite want a tamed society. They don’t desire a world of strong men and women who have their primal instincts in 100% full force. A majority of the new world religions want a passive civilization because a passive civilization is less inclined to rise up when they see that tyrants have taken over.

Ragnar Redbeard touches briefly on sexual dynamics and how women instinctively admire soldiers, athletes, Kings, nobles, and fighting men. Whether is be from strength, energy of character, ferocity, or courage. If a man can not protect himself than how is he supposed to protect her?

A symbol of strength is a man with a sword or a man with a gun. This will never change. When shit goes down, laws breaks down, and ultimate anarchy takes over. The men who have the power, the might, and the bold decisions will be the ones who rise. It will not be the weak, the feeble, or the anti-gun. It will be the strong and decisive men who take up arms that decide to fight.

“The sole truth that transcends experience and underlying it is the persistence of force.” –Ragnar Redbeard

In conclusion Might is Right. If you want to change your life, the people you hang out with, or the job you do than you must penetrate into the world. It is about fucking the world. That is your mission. The base level of homeostasis around you  will continue to stay the same until you take action to fuck up the algorithm that is constantly being fed to you. 

You must demand change. You take consistent action. It is like a waterfall. Lets say at the bottom of the waterfall there is a rock and that rock is your life. You want to break into it because you see all the glory within. That waterfall starts pouring onto that rock and it may take years. Years of consistent pressure but eventually over time that rock begins to dissipate until eventually it cracks. It is that consistent pressure that changes the world around you. Fuck with it!

If you want a real deal five star book that will red pill you into a new existence than buy this book today!

Jecht Spencer

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Might is Right: Survival of the Fittest by Ragnar Redbeard