Escape the Matrix Motivational Video

Escape the Matrix

Why is it we have to go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt? In everything… in every aspect of our lives. Why is it we have to be a slave to debt our entire life?

Why is society always constantly pushing? You got to have the best car. You know? You got to have the best house. You know? You better have the best school. You better go to a really really good school. Your not going to be able to get a job or maybe you do go to that school. You work your ass off for four years learning a bunch of shit your not even going to fucking use at the job that you go to.

You sink all that debt into it and you find out you can’t even get a job. What the fuck? What the fuck?! Let me get this straight. You told me to get the nice house. So I got the nice house. I didn’t need the two floor house but I got it.

It’s not about the usefulness of the tool or the product that we are using. No it’s about the brand. It’s about the symbol right?

No no no no. Don’t seek out mentors. No no no no. Don’t go out there. Don’t look. Don’t seek. Don’t think. Don’t ask questions. Just shut the fuck up. Just the fuck up and do as your fucking told. Just shut the fuck up and do as your fucking told.

That’s all society wants from you. That is all they want. They don’t want you to be a big success. They don’t want you to go for your fucking dreams. They don’t want you to THINK! You think the community? You think society? Maybe even your friends and family. You think the want you think outside the box? Do you think they want you to take their money outside the country? FUCK NO!!!

They want you in that thought. They want you in that low vibrational energy. They don’t want you thinking. They don’t want you to open your own business. They don’t want you to be global. They don’t want you to do that. They don’t want you to think.

You don’t need to be a part of that. You don’t have to. You don’t have to listen to everybody else. You can be your own person. You can escape that.

Escape this matrix. Unplug yourself from it and never go back.

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