Have you ever wanted to achieve extraordinary results with women? What if I told you. You can!

I attended a Real Social Dynamics Hotseat by Executive Coach Jeff Allen. Here I share my experience.

Real Social Dynamics Hot Seat Jeff Allen

Success with women is something that can be learned? Indeed.

The company teaching this is Real Social Dynamics.

Real Social Dynamics is a worldwide dating and success with women company traveling all over the world teaching hundreds of thousands of men how to interact, communicate, date, and sleep with beautiful women.

Real Social Dynamics also offers free events called the Real Social Dynamics Free Tour.

Does this even seem real? Eight years ago I would of thought something like this was not even possible. I used to be terrified of women. If I was to walk up to a pretty girl I’d have the hardest time just saying “hello.”

Let alone letting her know that I found her attractive. I’d be shaking in my boots at the thought of that.

Today I am a completely different man. I am not the man I once was.

If you were to tell the old me that if I went out and interacted with women I’d get better at it. I would not of believed you.

I’d say “Listen my friend… that is really cool and all but that is just not me.”

I thought that there were guys who had it or didn’t have it.

I’m here to tell you that is completely false.

No man is cut from a different cloth.

For example if start playing basketball your not going to become Michael Jordan on the first day. If you shoot one ball your not going to instantly transform into Kobe Bryant.

You have to practice. Practice makes perfect. So in order to have a skill to communicate with women. We all must go out and practice. Practice makes perfect.

What the Hotseat shows is the Instructors from Real Social Dynamics showing in field video of them engaging, interacting, dating, seducing, and sleeping with beautiful women.

It shows the entire process from the beginning to the end of the interaction.
You can meet a girl. Have her as your girlfriend, a date, a friend with benefits, or anything you desire.

I went to the Hotseat and got to meet Jeff Allen.

Once inside I received a free Pandur shirt and Free Audio book of Jeff Allen’s Book Get Laid or Die Trying.

Immediately Jeff stood out as an amazing speaker. He is very charismatic, grounded in his energy, and present to the moment as he unloads vast amounts of pickup knowledge.

He breaks down the interactions on video, shows when he messing up, and he helps you understand that girls just want a cool, fun, interesting, and charismatic man to be with.

He shows that you can go up and give good present energy that results in some magical moments between the girl and you.

We have all been through that time where we go up to a girl and get blown out instantly. Obviously not every girl is going to just lay back and desire you. Some girls will be rude, mean, or obnoxious.

Jeff’s mind set is that any girl within a certain amount of time is going to eventually like him. Just based on his personality and the fact he loves himself. If he goes up and talks to a beautiful girl long enough. She will make the judgment call that he is pretty cool and wants to learn more about him.

Of course not all the girls give him enough time but this powerful frame allows him to approach with zero consequence.

Jeff emphasizes the cardinal rule of pickup as “Women feel what we feel.” At the same time we must be present to what emotions he is giving off as well. This is real authentic human communication.

Jeff breaks down all the steps. So a guy who is not a “natural” at this or a guy who isn’t viewed by society as the guy who is allowed to approach beautiful girls is cut to ribbons.

He shows you the myth that you have been fed is not reality. He unloads mountains of knowledge and then backs it up with videos as proof.

Jeff isn’t the standard of good looking either. Here is a picture:

Jeff Allen

You can Durr it too.

He is average in every sense of the word. Just a normal looking dude. This is the guy who is stepping to some of the hottest women in the world.

So do I recommend the Hotseat?

Drum roll please…

I highly recommend it. As of right now it is only $300.

In terms of the big 3 parts of self development there is health, wealth, and relationships. People are so concentrated on health and wealth while completely forgetting to have a dating and social life.

Being able to CHOOSE who I want to date is amazing! I am able to pick who I want to date. I am not restricted by my social circle or workplace. I have the ability to go out and meet beautiful girls. It is super cool.

So do as I am doing now and take care of the “relationships” part of your life.

The Hotseat will help you.

Will women get anything from this program?

If you are a bisexual women this program goes very deep into the dynamics of pulling threesomes. In Jeff’s videos he goes out with his girlfriend and they pull them out of the venue together and sleep with them. They have this amazing dichotomy that works together (male and female) to make this work.

So if your a bisexual girl with a guy, a bisexual single women, or a gay women who wants to attract women into your life you can get something from the Hotseat as well.

At each event there is always at least one girl and usually ten or more. There is always girls who want to understand the behind the scenes stuff. The physical layer of a social interaction beyond the surface layer of the conversation itself. There is a full illustration in how this all comes together and why people are attracted to certain people.

The Hotseat helps anyone wishing to embody those characteristics until they become a natural, congruent, and charismatic person from the inside.

Take the steps like myself and realize you are enough. We can do this. This is completely natural and normal. Sex is no big deal. Dating is no big deal. Girls want to meet a cool and amazing guy.

Good Fortune to You My Friend,

Jecht Spencer