The Warrior Inside

Your genes are made of thousands and years of human evolution and suffering. We are blessed to be living in the greatest time in human history. We are no longer clattering in the chains of slavery to appease some great deity. Swords have been replaced with pens. Monarchy has been replaced with democracy. Hunger has been replaced with abundance.

In that same time. Feeling good has been replaced with hard work. Being average is some form of achievement. The freedom to choose has not served its intended purpose.

Have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten what makes us great? The human condition is to produce the most amount of value with the least amount of effort. The human species walks the earth obese, lazy, and comfortable in its lackluster state of homeostasis. Can’t go to the gym? Can’t talk to that cute girl? Can’t pursue that career? For fuck sake do you know how many of your ancestors had to die to get to where you are today?

Your genes breathe with the screams blood, sweat, and tears that your ancestors shed. We are warriors. We are killers. We are champions! Tap into that power and become the change you wish to see in the world.

No more complaining. No more crying. No more bitching. No more being a victim.

Now take your sword and run with it!