What the Fuck! So after reading through some scandalous stories I consistently see guys fucking up sex not only for themselves but for women. In this I break down Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Do Before Sex.

Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Know Before Sex

Lets start by stating that in order for Sex between two people to happen there is two things required:

  • Willingness
  • Isolation

That is all that is needed. Hell Isolation isn’t even needed if a women is dripping all over the floor to your snakelike charm. Sssss ;-).

There is also one very important piece that is consistently overlooked by many guys.

TRUST: Without some form of trust the women will not put herself in a position to be isolated with you. Sure she may be dripping wet but if you have spent any amount of time pulling you will constantly hear girls saying “Your not a serial killer are you? How do I know your not going to kill me?” Things of this nature are tests for congruence. The easiest way to avoid these type of questions is be unfiltered to the MAX.

Do not filter yourself at all. An easy way to stop these questions from even popping up is saying it before the girl can. (Example: Your not a serial killer are you? I know your small but you look like you can pack a punch… etc.)

The girl wants a hot guy to ravish her like a grizzly bear but does not want to be eaten alive in the process.

Sooo… the girl trusts you enough to be in isolation and horny enough to be fucked by your 10 foot cock… or average… or asian… whatever. (Quick side note: Penis size does not matter. I’m no Achilles but I have yet to meet the girl who didn’t fuck me after my dicks out.)

Now HERE are Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Do Before Sex:

  1. Safe Word.
  2. No Ego.
  3. Motion Creates Orgasms.

The first one safe word I do before even getting very physical with a girl in isolation is give her a means of control. No you are not handing away your POWER as a man but I am giving the girl a means to stop whatever is happening at ANY POINT. 

For example I’ll say: “Hey I’m a little rough around the edges… what is your favorite fruit/movie/vegetable/pokemon? (She replies: banana.) If at any point… any point your uncomfortable just say banana and I’ll stop no questions asked.”

This builds massive rapport, comfort, and trust. It also allows girls to be kinky as fuck with me because if at any point they are uncomfortable they just say their safe word.

Some girls will test you. As they should. Perhaps mid-sex will say the word. At that point STOP. Most of the time they will just giggle knowing that you are an awesome man who will fuck them right while subsequently allowing them to open up to be ravished.

Keep in mind this word is to be used seriously. If the girl takes it upon herself to say it all the time just to get you to stop for a laugh be stern. Kick her out if she abuses the word. I have had times where girls would just say it to get a giggle… not because they genuinely wanted me to stop. I told them sternly that this word is to be taken seriously and not to do that again. I have yet to meet a girl I’ve had to kick to the curb.

This isn’t so much a technique. It is TRUST. An additional benefit for those who have been with BDSM, girls that have been sexually molested, or girls who simply get off on the idea of being taken. Will find this safe word to be amazing.

Not all the time but about 1 in 4 girls I meet get off saying no, stop, or calling me some sick name. This allows them to continue to do that while knowing that the safe word is there. No girls gets off screaming banana but I’ve been surprised before.

Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Know Before Sex

The next one is no ego I begin right as we start getting physical. I’ll say “If there is anything you need from me… anything. Touch you here, tickle you there, lick here, fondle there, bite here, or don’t stop. TELL ME.

When it comes to sex so many guys are thinking about how to please themselves rather then their partner. Guys, guys, guys, we are all going to get our orgasm. That is virtually guaranteed. The women on the other hand is not always a guarantee.

Have her your center piece and ravish her in any way she needs. Do not go in like a blockhead thinking “Oh I already know how to have sex.”

Every girl is different and every moment during sex is different. For example at the beginning of sex a lot of women’s nipples are going to be sensitive and delicate to the touch. By the end of sex her nipples could be sucked, bit, and pulled on and she is begging you to do it.

A women may want to be treated like a flower when you guys start and by the end be treated like a cum dumpster. BE FLEXIBLE. 

The girl will more often then not give you the blueprint to how to make her cum and the easiest way to do that is to DROP THE EGO and allow her to communicate what she needs.

Of course continue to lead the interaction. You are not asking permission. You are opening communication so that both parties will have a grandiose time.
Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Know Before Sex

The last thing motion creates orgasms. Well that sounds simple you think.

What I’ve noticed is that girls who not moving, girls who are laying their right in that sweet spot as you pump them are feeling you perfectly.

Are you confused? I was for a long time. Let me explain…

So a I began having sex with her I noticed her moving her body to position herself so that I would touch her g-spot. I would then move with her and once again she would be out of allignment.

So you see… if a girl moves to reposition herself so that my pumping away hits her in the right spot. DO NOT MOVE WITH HER.


Simply keep fucking, keep pumping, keep banging, keep smashing… in the same motion over and over and over.

Keep going until you can not anymore. Still confused?

Alright lets say a girl wants you to rub a certain point on her back. You are rubbing her back at a certain point but it is the wrong spot.

So she re-positions herself so that you can rub the right spot… except… as she re-positions herself, you re-position yourself.

So she never has the right spot rubbed. Get it?

When a girl is not moving and her hips are lined up perfectly so your cock is hitting her g-spot at just the right spot. Keep hitting it. DO NOT re-position yourself.

That is the three. What I’ve noticed and what I hope you notice is that girls are actually calling you back after sex. Some are begging to come over at all hours of the night just to get a taste.

Do you know how hard it is for a girl to find a dominant, cool, trusting, communicating, and apt man? Hard as fuck. So many guys are clueless. Then they have no idea why girls aren’t calling them back.

Build trust, cheer kinkiness, communicate effectively, and fuck smartly.

Three Critical Things Every Guy Should Know Before Sex.

Good Fortune to You my Friend,

Jecht Spencer