The Truth About What Women Want Motivational Video

What if I told you that everything you thought to be true about what women want has been one big lie? That instead you have been sold this Disney fantasy that when spot lighted crashed under the pressure.

That is wasn’t the roses, the chocolates, the fanfare, or the attention that women actually desired. That the more we chased the more repulsed they became. That the more we tried the more indifferent they were. That now entire generation screams out where have all the real men gone?

Our entire lives we have been told be a nice guy. That if we just twiddle our thumbs and bide our time a girl would just fall from the heavens and into our lives. No.

Women are beautiful creatures and a wonderment to us all but at the end of the day they are human. They are imperfect just like the rest of us. Just as lost, scared, and alone to what the future holds.

So scream out “what is it you want? What do you want?” We get no answer because women themselves don’t even know what they want.

Living in the fantasy of the romance is indigent life’s actual design and although the pill is hard to swallow it is the only way forward.

For men have been hiding to long behind the mask of what they think women want but now is the time to show our face. To show our truth and be the men that women thought have been long lost.

This Video was Inspired by The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

You can check out the book here.

You can also check out my full in depth review of the book in written and video format here.

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