Your Life in a Blink of an Eye

Think about this year. Think about how quickly this year has gone. That will be your life in a blink of an eye. You will be gone from this world. You will no longer exist. Before you know it the reaper will have his day. Do not live in despair. Do not get to a time in your life that you are so old that you can no longer pursue that you desire most.

What is the number one thing? The number one thing that every single person on the their deathbed says? What is it? It’s that I wish I had the courage to do what I want to do not what other people expected of me.

So are you going to continue to live your life in this constant state of paranoia? Worrying, wondering, thinking about what other people think about you or are you going to rise above the level of complacency that has been placed on you by society? Will you desire an outcome that you truly want in life?

Because when you come to the full understanding that you are not here forever. That one day we will be dead. We will no longer be walking this earth.

It’s the people in the ground. It’s the dead. They outnumber everyone who is living today. So do not die with your song still in you. Your life will be determined by the actions that you take not by the thoughts that run through your mind. You are not your thoughts. You are your actions!

You have one shot in this life. So will you rise above the tide? Will you lean into your resistance? Will you fight and strive to become the person you know you truly are?

The thing that you know in your heart of hearts that you must do but you continue to put it off. A week, a month, a year, don’t make it be a life. Do not be a statistic. Live the life that you desire. Surround yourself with the mentors that will help you thrive. Enter into the field that truly motivates you.

In the end. When the reaper does come. You will die knowing you did everything you desired and with that smile at your face you will close you eyes and finally begin to rest.